Stuart Wheelwright
"Shopping UK is the app I wish I had when my wife was seven months pregnant with our daughter"
Our daughter's ultrasound

In early 2013, my wife was prescribed total bed-rest while pregnant with our first child.

It was down to me to take on the washing, cooking, cleaning and shopping.

I was terrified.

My culinary skills were pitiful.

I considered buying a sandwich to be a "big shop".

The washing machine was alien.

Washing machine disaster

But after a while, words like "fabric softener" and "wool wash" began to feel less intimidating.

I even developed a system for shopping.

When we needed something, I'd add it to a list in the Notes app.

You see, I always had my iPhone with me.

In the supermarket using the iPhone Notes app

When I was in the supermarket, I'd fill my trolley while removing items from my list.

But this system wasn't perfect.

Removing an item from the list is tricky while walking around a shop.

And mentally rearranging the list by aisle is harder still.

So I spent three months developing an app to save me a few minutes every week.

Developing Shopping UK
Shopping UK iPhone app

And I hope it can save you a few minutes every week too.

Shopping UK label

Because all those minutes add up...


And there are better things to be doing with your time than shopping...

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